Windows 7 has rapid adoption

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22 January 2010

It is no surprise (to me) that Windows 7 is enjoying rapid and early adoption, already exceeding the install base of all Mac OS versions combined:

Windows 7 is pure joy. It is fast, stable, efficient and just plain fun. I wasted no time getting all my XP and Vista machines up to Win7, and I haven’t looked back once (except with relief that I got away from Vista).

Additionally I took the opportunity to switch all my physical machine installs to Win7 x64, so I can fully exploit the 4 or 8 gigs of RAM they possess. Interestingly enough, even all the games I enjoy work fine – and they are often the apps that have the most compatibility issues. But not in Win7 – I’m enjoying all my favorite games (for the curious: Supreme Commander, Left 4 Dead (1 and 2), Deus Ex, TF2, CivIV and a few others).

But as a Microsoft go-to guy, perhaps the single biggest thing for me is that when people ask if Windows 7 is any good I can immediately, honestly and joyfully answer “absolutely yes!!”. It has been a couple years since I could do that, and it feels so good! :)