Which actual Windows 10 apps I use

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12 February 2016

This Neowin article asks people whether they use many actual Windows 10 (WinRT or UWP) apps. I knew I used quite a few, but decided to make a list of the ones I use on a regular basis (all at least once a week, but many of them several times a day).

Of course I have a lot more installed, but I don’t actually use them often, or at all. Someday I should do a purge of old stuff I installed to try and then never used again…

Here’s my list of apps that I use on a regular/consistent basis (not in any particular order):

Cortana - my indispensable digital assistant (Siri is like her dullard older sister) Clipboard - share anything to the clipboard - indispensable utility app PowerBI – watch my VSTS and GitHub repos, plus Magenic business dashboards Email and Calendar (yes, they are finally quite good apps) OneNote (the touch version is better than the Win32 version on a Surface - by far) MyRadar - useful on every device everywhere!! Tweetium - excellent twitter client - I love it! News - the msn/bing news app - I use it on my iPhone too - very nice Weather - I wish wunderground had an app, but the msn/bing one _is_ very nice NextGen Reader - I wish _this_ was on the iPhone - what a great way to consume the web Groove Music - as a subscriber, this is a no-brainer Movies and TV - this is how I get my Doctor Who (legally) iHeartRadio - better ad-hoc radio than Groove Vevo - when I want music videos, not just music MyTrips - TripIt client that’s better than the 1st party offering Wunderlist - how I organize my life Words with Friends - a primary source of entertainment HealthVault - with my health issues, this is critical Readit - I’m not a reddit fan, but sometimes you gotta go to reddit Reading List - Msft seems to want to kill this off, but it is a really nice app! DropBox - access my lesser used files (mostly I use OneDrive) Box - access my even lesser used files Fitbit - nicer/easier than via the web Gitty - adequate gitter client for chatting about OSS GitHub-hosted projects Hulu Plus - obvious Netflix - obvious LastPass - Win8-era app, but still nicer than using the browser NFL on Windows - every NFL fan should have this app - seriously! NPR One - best way to listen to NPR (and in my case MPR) Uber - order my ride at the end of a work day when travelling Photos – I have a _lot_ of photos, all in OneDrive