What books should I buy for CSLA .NET?

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19 November 2008

As the Expert C# 2008 Business Objects book becomes available (now in alpha ebook form, and in paper by the end of this year), I’m getting more questions about what book to buy for different versions of CSLA .NET, and for different .NET technologies.

(Expert VB 2008 Business Objects should be out in February 2009. The one unknown with this effort is how quickly the team of volunteers can get the VB port of CSLA .NET 3.6 complete, as I don’t think we can release the book until the code is also available for download.)

I do have a summary of book editions that is often helpful in understanding what book(s) cover which version of CSLA .NET. But I thought I’d slice and dice the information a little differently to help answer some of the current questions.

First, by version of CSLA .NET:

CSLA .NET Version Book(s)
3.6 Expert 2008 Business Objects
3.5 <no book>
3.0 Expert 2005 Business Objects &
CSLA .NET Version 2.1 Handbook &
Using CSLA .NET 3.0
2.1 Expert 2005 Business Objects &
CSLA .NET Version 2.1 Handbook
2.0 Expert 2005 Business Objects

Next, by .NET technology:

.NET Technology Book(s)
WPF Expert 2008 Business Objects
WCF Expert 2008 Business Objects
Silverlight <no book yet>
Expert 2008 Business Objectsgets you 80% there though
WF Expert 2008 Business Objects &
Using CSLA .NET 3.0 (for WF example)
ASP.NET MVC <no book yet>
ASP.NET Web Forms Expert 2008 Business Objects
Windows Forms Expert 2008 Business Objects &
Using CSLA .NET 3.0 (for important data binding info)
LINQ to CSLA Expert 2008 Business Objects
LINQ to SQL Expert 2008 Business Objects
ADO.NET Entity Framework Expert 2008 Business Objects (limited coverage)
.NET Remoting Expert 2005 Business Objects
asmx Web Services Expert 2005 Business Objects

As always, here are the locations to download CSLA .NET for Windows and to download CSLA .NET for Silverlight.