Visual Studio Live in Redmond

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22 August 2011

V![VSLRED Speaker Button_Lhotka](binary/Windows-Live-Writer/Visual-Studio-Live-in-Redmond_FFC7/VSLRED%20Speaker%20Button_Lhotka_07aaff8b-c28b-4cec-86f0-ada34e3397e8.jpg “VSLRED Speaker Button_Lhotka”)isual Studio Live is coming to Redmond in October.

As one of the conference chairs, and a speaker at the event, I highly recommend this show. We have a great lineup of speakers and topics that provide practical information you can use today, and content that will help you plan for the future.

When you register, use code VRSPK23 to save $400, and make note of the September 7 early bird pricing deadline.