Visual Studio Live Chicago 2014

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07 April 2014

![CHSPK18](binary/WindowsLiveWriter/VisualStudioLiveChicago2014_CBB9/CHSPK18_5713a0e5-303e-477c-90dc-75c845d83f6b.jpg “CHSPK18”) Visual Studio Live! is coming to Chicago again this year. We’re right downtown near the big park and the lake, so it is a great location!

Even better, we’ve got a great lineup of content that covers today’s technologies (like WPF and ASP.NET) and emerging technologies like JavaScript single page applications (SPAs), TypeScript, mobile development for Android, iOS, and Windows.

I hope to see you there!

Update: I forgot to mention that you can save $400 on registration by clicking the link in this post!