VS Live San Francisco 2009 coming soon

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06 January 2009

VS Live San Francisco is coming up soon – February 23-27.

San Francisco

As one of the co-chairs for this conference, I’m really pleased with the speaker and topic line-up. In my view, this is one of the best sets of content and speakers VS Live has ever put forward.

Even better, this VS Live includes the MSDN Developer Conference (MDC) content. So you can get a recap of the Microsoft PDC, with all its forward-looking content, and then enjoy the core of VS Live with its pragmatic and independent information about how you can be productive using Microsoft’s technologies today, and into the future.

Perhaps best of all are the keynotes. Day one starts with a keynote containing secret content. Seriously – we can’t talk about it, and Microsoft isn’t saying – but it is going to be really cool. The kind of thing you’ll want to hear in person so you can say “I was there when…”. And Day two contains some of the best WPF/XAML apps on the planet. We’re talking about apps that not only show off the technology, but show how the technology can be used in ways that will literally change the world – no exaggeration! Truly inspirational stuff, on both a personal and professional level!

I know travel budgets are tight, and the economy is rough. All I can say, is that you should seriously consider VS Live SF if you have the option. I think you’ll thank me later.