VS Live San Francisco 2008 coming up soon!

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25 February 2008

SFVS Live 2008 kicks off in San Francisco on March 30.

I’ll be speaking there, giving a talk on merging SOA and OO concepts with a Silverlight 2.0 UI - fun stuff!! :)

And I’ll be giving a full-day workshop, showing how to appropriately leverage the broad set of .NET technologies to build applications. There are so many ways to solve the same problem in .NET, whether that be user interaction, getting your data, building a business layer or anything else. Microsoft seems determined to provide 2 to infinity ways to do any given thing, and it seems like chaos. My goal is to provide some sense of order, or at least an architectural model, around the chaos to make it easier to leverage the power of the technologies.

I’m also co-chair of the Core .NET track, and I’m excited about many of the speaker and topic selections for the conference. With so much going on around .NET development, this is a great time to be involved with one of the leading developer conferences in the world!

As a track chair and speaker, I have a discount code you can use to register to get 25% off the registration for a Gold Passport. Just go here to register and use code SPLHO.

See you in San Francisco!