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11 June 2012

A co-worker of mine at Magenic is not only also a tabletop RPG gamer like me, but he’s working on a Google+ Hangout project to more easily play RPGs and other tabletop games with people from around the world.

To this end, he’s doing a Kickstarter

So if you are interested in this sort of thing, check it out and consider lending your support.

(As an aside for those who are interested, I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs since around 1979 or 80. Over the past 25+ years my group and I have developed our own gaming system, and have played in an internally consistent fantasy world. In game time we’ve spanned hundreds of years, and have told some wonderful stories. We’ve also played short bits in quite a few commercial gaming systems and settings, but we always return to our own system and world.)