Repro steps for issue with NuGet UWP packages

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16 September 2015

Steps to repro the issue described in this github issue:

  1. Pull the csla repo from

a. Switch to the NuGet-uwp branch clip_image001

  1. Open <root>\csla\Source\

a. Build Release | All CPU clip_image002

b. Don’t worry about the Xamarin projects – they don’t matter for this issue

c. Build results will be in <root>\csla\bin

i. including the problematic rd.xml files for the UWP projects

  1. Open PowerShell, cd to <root>\csla\NuGet

a. Run ‘Build All.ps1’ /prerelease:Beta3

b. Run consolidatepackages.bat

  1. Open <root>\csla\Samples\ProjectTracker\ProjectTracker.sln

a. Add a NuGet package source to <root>\Packages, for example: clip_image004

b. Build Debug All CPU

i. Ignore the async method lacks await warning – this is a testing artifact

ii. Ignore the warnings about our analyzers (unless you know how to fix them – this analyzer via NuGet stuff is challenging at best!!!!)

iii. You should end up with a build error:

Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error   Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path ‘Csla\Properties\Csla.Uwp.rd.xml’. Source files: C:\Users\Rockford.nuget\packages\CSLA-Core\4.6.172-Beta3\lib\uap10.0\Csla\Properties\Csla.Uwp.rd.xmlC:\Users\Rockford.nuget\packages\CSLA-UWP\4.6.172-Beta3\lib\uap10.0\Csla\Properties\Csla.Uwp.rd.xml ProjectTracker.Ui.UWP