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27 August 2010

Over the past couple years a lot of people (hundreds) have friended, or tried to friend me on Facebook. The result is that I have a fair number of “friends” I don’t know. I look at some of these names and wonder who these people are…

So I’m addressing that problem by creating a public persona page for my public persona:

Rockford Lhotka

Anyone can Like this page if they want to keep up to date with my professional life – writing, speaking, CSLA .NET, Magenic and so forth.

With this set up, I’ve started the tedious task of going through my Facebook “friends” list and removing anyone who’s name/face I don’t recognize. It turns out that Facebook’s UI is set up to add friends, not to remove or manage your friends list.

If you are one of these people, please don’t take offense – just go Like my Rockford Lhotka public persona page.