Paul Sheriff's Inner Circle (updated and shiny!)

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08 March 2007

A few months ago I blogged about Paul Sheriff’s experiment with selling content on the web, though something he calls the Inner Circle.

Like all such experiments, there are lessons to be learned. And any good experiment will evolve over time based on feedback and observation. Recently, Paul changed his pricing model from a recurring subscription, to a one-time fee for a lifetime membership. While I know a fair number of people did go for the subscription model, I think Paul decided to continue the experiment by trying a different model, and this is it.

I know Paul recently put a framework for accessing data, configuration settings, cryptography, exception handling and key management online there, so he’s not only doing articles and webcasts, but is providing code and components as well.

If you were leery of the recurring subscription model, you might want to take another look and see if this new model fits you better.