Password keepers and Windows 10

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08 September 2017

I was just reading this article about how to migrate from LastPass to 1Password.

I can’t argue with what the author says in terms of LastPass having had some security issues. So I quickly checked to see if 1Password supported Windows 10.

It does not. No app in the store, no plug-in for the Edge browser.

Conversely, LastPass has an Edge browser plug-in and a (clunky-but-functional) app in the store.

Having a password vault and actually using a password vault aren’t the same thing, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t actually use one if it was a pain.

So at the moment LastPass wins, because they’ve put in the work to make it easy to use on my Win10 and iOS devices.

Their store app could be a lot better, but even a clunky app is infinitely better than no app at all.