Magenic wants you - this time with a quiz!

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27 November 2007

Every now and again I blog about the fact that Magenic needs good developers (.NET, SQL, Sharepoint, BizTalk, CSLA .NET) in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta and Boston. This continues to be true, and if you are at all interested, read on!

My colleague, Brant Estes, put together a little web site to try and seduce you into applying for work at Magenic. But more fun, he put together a broad-reaching tech quiz to illustrate the kind of knowledge we expect people to have before we hire them.

I’ll be brutally honest, and say that I scored 84%, which entitles me to keep working at Magenic (whew!). I figure that’s not too bad, given that the quiz covers areas (like HTML) that I try to avoid like the plague (and I didn’t cheat and use Google while taking the test :) ). Brant tells me that passing is 70%.

Whether you are interested in working at Magenic or not, the quiz is a fun challenge, so feel free to take a look (just give yourself around 10-15 minutes to go through it).