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20 May 2010

If you are a computer professional looking for a great place to work, you might consider Magenic. We’re looking for good consultants in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta and Boston.

In particular, we’re looking for people with really good .NET development skills, XAML and/or web design skills, SharePoint development skills and SQL Server skills.

Magenic is a pure Microsoft focused consulting company. As such, you’ll get to work with people who share your technology focus and interests. All we do is .NET or .NET related work like SharePoint and SQL Server. Our clients are in nearly every vertical market, and that means we get to use cool technologies – from ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight to SQL BI tools and BizTalk to TFS and Subversion. Some of our projects involve large, geographically distributed teams. Others have just a few Magenic consultants working with a customer.

Magenic Studios is our UI design group. It is a national group, which means there’s travel, and also means the people in Studios get to work on the coolest UI design projects. The focus of this group is XAML and web design, not development. We hire people who are technology savvy – we’re not looking for Photoshop-only people, but rather our people know html and css and understand how styles cascade and interact. The same on the XAML side – we’re not after C# skills, but our people understand why a StackPanel is preferable to a Canvas, and how to use styles to control the appearance of the UI.

Our consultants are experienced and enthusiastic – which means it is a lot of fun to work with them. Every time I get to interact with a Magenic project team I learn something new, either about .NET itself, or ways in which the technology can be applied to solve complex business problems. And our consultants interact across the company, freely tapping into the shared experiences and knowledge of their colleagues. Magenic has a great culture for passionate technologists!

For my part, I’ve worked for Magenic for nearly 10 years now, and it has been a great experience. I love working with the kind of people Magenic hires. And I love working for a company where the owners and managers put so much energy into making the company a good place to work, while also remaining focused on keeping the company successful, sustainable and vibrant. In these economic times (like those of 2001-2002), maintaining that balance is challenging, so it is nice to be able to have confidence that the company is in good hands.

Of course we all hope the economy continues to improve, and the reality is that, thanks to current economic improvements, Magenic needs more consultants now in all our offices. So if you’ve been a professional technologist for a few years and want to work at a great company with people who share your passion for software, UI design, web work or data – you should really check out Magenic.