Magenic Studios Silverlight/WPF Contest

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18 February 2010

OK, this is cool. Magenic is running a Silverlight/WPF development contest, open to anyone. The primary prizes for first to third place are sizable donations to the Haiti relief effort, with respectable cash prizes for the winning teams.

Even if your visual UI design skills aren’t super-solid (like mine), all teams get an hour of Magenic Studio’s assistance, which might at least jump-start a decent looking visual layout :)

The app must use Silverlight or WPF (versions 3 or 4 are both acceptable), otherwise pretty much anything goes. Well, obviously the judges need to be able to run the app and view the code, but otherwise…

The contest starts on Feb 22 and ends March 22.

So go to the web site, read the rules, send email to get registered and start exercising those mad XAML and .NET skilz!!