Live 360 Orlando 2014

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05 August 2014


Registration for Live! 360 Orlando is now open.

The conference is in Orlando, November 17-21, 2014.

I am co-chair for Visual Studio Live! and chair of Modern Apps Live! The event also includes SQL Server Live! and SharePoint Live! and TechMentor, meaning that Live! 360 covers all your development and IT pro training needs.

Visual Studio Live! covers .NET, web, and JavaScript development topics. Everything you need to know about single page apps, ASP.NET, Web API, and .NET can be found here.

Modern Apps Live! covers all modern development topics, including iOS, Android, Windows 8, SPAs, Azure, business intelligence, agile SDLC, git, Xamarin, and more. Modern Apps Live! is a unique conference in that it consists of 5 days of content that provides a single narrative, more like 5 days of training than a traditional conference.

Personally I’ll be co-presenting a pre-conference workshop on the use of C# for cross-platform development using .NET and Xamarin. And I’ll be giving talks as part of Modern Apps Live! and Visual Studio Live!

This is going to be a great conference, register now for the best pricing! (using the link in this blog post saves you $600)