Leaving a job to avoid using C#... What backwards thinking...

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02 March 2005

Moe Taxes asks Am I a fool for giving up steady work and good pay?

In this case he gave it up because he’s never worked with Microsoft tools and wasn’t about to broaden his horizons and see if they were any good. He even draws a conclusion about what it is like to use Microsoft’s tools after having not used them. Presumably a conclusion based on extensive propaganda, since by his own admission it isn’t based on actual experience or facts.

Yes, he’s a fool, but not because he gave up steady work or good pay. He’s a fool in the same way someone who only uses one programming language is a fool. This is the same type of thinking that led to separate black and white drinking fountains in Alabama…

I spent many years on VAX computers, but always had my trusty Amiga nearby. Today I work on Windows with Microsoft tools, but I also run a Linux box, and have worked on Unix boxes off and on my entire career. I also spent tiny bits of time using a PDP-11, a mainframe, an AS400 and a Prime. Heck, I even have Eclipse and several versions of the JDK all set up on my machine.

If all you know is one platform and tool set then your perspective is waaay skewed. Seriously, live a little!

Is it really that scary to think about spending a few months working with Microsoft tools? To see what they are like if nothing else? Eclipse is busily emulating Visual Studio - wouldn’t it be nice to know what they are emulating and why?

This isn’t about the steady work or paycheck, this is about professional growth. This is about being all you can be by understanding all you can understand.

Ultimately, Moe Taxes cut off his nose to spite his face. He has my pity.