Introducing Marimer, LLC

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12 March 2009

When CSLA .NET 3.6.2 is released in a couple weeks, it will be sporting a slightly altered license and copyright notices, with the name Marimer, LLC.

Marimer, LLC is my shiny new corporate entity, and it is now the owner of all versions of the CSLA .NET framework.

This doesn’t change the terms of the license, nor should it have any effect on CSLA .NET or anyone’s use of CSLA .NET. It is simply a formal step I felt was necessary to protect myself and my family for legal liability reasons. Honestly, it is something I probably should have done years ago, but it is done now, so I can sleep better at night.

At the moment I don’t plan to change anything beyond the copyright and ownership statements, and since I have sole control over Marimer, LLC, nothing changes in relation to the continued development of the CSLA .NET framework.