Indigo and SOA in San Francisco

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06 January 2005

Want to hear about SOA and/or Indigo? Eric Rudder, Don Box, Doug Purdy and Rich Turner are all speaking at VS Live (as is yours truly).

Even if you like me, are rather skeptical about SOA, the fact is that Indigo is coming.

Don’t let the SOA hype fool you. Indigo will impact you if you use .NET.

Personally I look at Indigo much more as a replacement for remoting and DCOM, along with integrating the WSE stuff into Web services. Because of this, Indigo is a very important thing to me - and to anyone building client/server or n-tier distributed systems in .NET.

Indigo alters the way objects are serialized, the way data is marshalled across networks and more. It is pretty extensive, and is going to be harder to abstract away than either asmx or remoting have been. This means we, as consumers of the technology, will need to understand more of it than we have needed to with existing technologies.

Since VS Live has a whole day on Indigo, this is a chance to get a good look at what’s coming and assess what it is going to do to you.

And of course while you are at VS Live, you can attend my distributed object-oriented workshop :-)