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15 January 2009

If you read the comments on my blog at all, you may have periodically run across a multi-page diatribe from a guy calling himself “Rich” or “Tony”. This guy continually reposts the same comment on my blog (among others). The comment, at first glance, appears to be meaningful and valid – it discusses the merits of the Strangeloop AppScaler, a great product that is provided by the company of a friend of mine.

I assume this spammer is somehow disgruntled with Strangeloop, or has a personal vendetta against my friend, wants to give Aussies a bad name, or is simply unhinged. Probably a combination of these.

Anyway, I keep deleting the spam. He keeps adding more. While it is a small thing in the scheme of things, other than providing as much information as possible (including IP addresses and other information) to the Australian authorities (his IP addresses are consistently Australian), there’s not a lot I can do directly.

So I figured I’d just let the world at large know that this person exists, so if you run across these comments, or if you are another blogger who’s targeted by this criminal, that you know what is going on.

And if you are another blogger who’s been targeted, please contact me, and I’ll help you get in touch with the people investigating the issue so you can help provide tracking information. I know they’ve already narrowed the search dramatically, and I’m sure continued trace information will help identify the person so they can take care of him.

And if you are the spammer, and I’m sure he’ll read this at some point, all I can say is: please get a life.