Core CSLA .NET 3.8 Video Series pre-release sale!

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29 November 2009

The Core CSLA .NET 3.8 Video Series provides nearly 9 hours of high quality training content to build your skills around CSLA .NET - for any type of user interface. The focus of this series is not on user interface development, it is on the core concepts of CSLA .NET – the knowledge you need to build a solid business layer for any application.

This six part series provides an introduction to CSLA .NET, then dives into detail to show how to code each type of business object, including business, validation and authorization rules. You’ll also learn about the various options for implementing data access, and how to effectively utilize the data portal for 1-, 2- and 3-tier deployments of your applications.

I’m offering a special “pre-release” sale price of 33% off on the video series. Buy now with this heavy discount, and get each new video segment as they become available. Segments 1 and 2 are online now!

Act now, the discount will phase out as the entire series comes online!!

Here is a summary of the video segments:

**Introduction **In this video you will become familiar with the CSLA .NET framework’s vision, goals and overall scope. You will be introduced to the various architectures supported by CSLA .NET, and the requirements necessary to build CSLA .NET applications.

**Business Object Types **In this video you will learn how to implement each of the business object stereotypes supported by CSLA .NET. These include editable objects, lists of objects, read-only objects, read-only lists, name/value lists, command objects and more. At the end of this video you will understand the purpose behind each stereotype, and the coding structure to use when building business objects for each stereotype.

Data Access This video details the various options supported by CSLA .NET for data access. You will learn how to put data access code into your business class, or into a separate data access assembly using a repository pattern, along with the pros and cons of each technique. You will also learn about the ObjectFactory attribute and base class, that can be used to create pluggable data access layers for an application.

Data Portal In this video you will learn how to build 1-, 2- and 3-tier applications using CSLA .NET. CSLA .NET allows your UI, business object and data access code to remain the same in all these configurations, but there are numerous configuration options and choices you can make to optimize how your application works in each of these scenarios.

**Business and Validation Rules **In this video you will learn how to implement business and validation rules in your business objects. This includes the use of validation attributes, common validation rules and custom business and validation rules. You will also learn how to implement and use synchronous and asynchronous business rules in your applications.

**Authentication and Authorization **In this video you will learn about the various authentication and authorization techniques supported by CSLA .NET. Authentication options include Windows, ASP.NET Membership Provider and custom authentication. The CSLA .NET authorization subsystem supports per-property and per-type authorization, which is role-based by default, and can be customized.