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10 February 2012

Every now and then I do a blog post about working at Magenic. About YOU maybe working at Magenic.magenic-custom-soltions

With luck, the current upturn in the US economy will continue. Certainly we are seeing robust business opportunities across all of our regional offices (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco) and at a national level in places like New York, Charlotte, LA, and elsewhere.

As a result, Magenic is actively seeking to hire consultants with several key skill sets, including:

  • .NET development
  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • SQL Server
  • Business Intelligence
  • SharePoint Server
  • Project management
  • Program management

You can see more details about career opportunities and information about Magenic on our Careers web page.

I want to make two broad observations.

First, Magenic provides broad career opportunities. We hire people right out of university to work in our Minneapolis-based Delivery Center. And we hire experts with many years of experience in our areas of focus, with the expectation that they’ll provide great service to our customers, as well as mentoring and coaching for Magenicons with less experience. As you can imagine, we also look for people anywhere between college graduate and amazing expertise.

If you want to work with some impressive experts in an open and sharing environment that supports learning and growing, this is the place to be. That’s true if you are just getting started, are well into your career, or have experience and expertise to share with others. In short, this is good place to work if you want to build your career.

Second, our industry is in the middle of an exciting and turbulent time. The rise of numerous incompatible client devices and technologies, coupled with major changes in back-end server capabilities around public/private cloud computing, noSQL, and big data make for a very unpredictable future. Such turbulence provides great opportunity for personal and professional growth.

This idea of growth is particularly true for people who are passionate about technology and providing great solutions for hard problems. Even better is the opportunity to work with a whole group of people with this kind of passion, supported by a culture of sharing knowledge and supporting learning and growth of expertise. It is hard to imagine a better place to be during this period of major industry change than at Magenic.

Contact us on our Careers web page and see if we’re a good fit for you and your career!