CSLA .NET 3.6.3 beta available

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26 May 2009

I have put a beta release of version 3.6.3 online for download. This version is now feature complete, and my plan is to release it around the next of next week. I’ll only be changing this version for show stopping issues, otherwise this is the final code.

If you are using 3.6.x, you should download and test this version. There are important bug fixes in this version - please see the change logs for details. If you are developing Silverlight, WPF or Windows Forms applications (in particular), you’ll almost certainly want some of these fixes!

There are minor new features as well, including

  • Named connections in the GetManager methods for ConnectionManager and similar types
  • ReadProperty() method in the ObjectFactory base class

But the primary focus is on fixing bugs and refining key usage scenarios.