CSLA .NET 3.6.2 Release Candidate available

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22 March 2009

I have made CSLA .NET 3.6.2 RC0 available for download.

Version 3.6.2 includes a number of bug fixes, but more importantly includes a number of new features and enhancements based on feedback from users of version 3.6. Highlights include:

  • For both Windows and Silverlight
  • New methods on the ObjectFactory base class to better enable creation of a DAL object
  • Better support for lazy loaded fields, where an exception is thrown if the field is mis-used accidentally (thus reducing bugs)
  • ErrorDialog control for WPF and Silverlight to enable XAML-only handling of exceptions from CslaDataProvider
  • CslaDataProvider now has a Saved event to simplify some UI scenarios
  • RegisterProperty() now accepts a lambda expression to identify the property name, allowing the compiler to check the name, and avoiding the use of the string literal
  • MobileDictionary type, so you can create a dictionary that serializes between Silverlight and .NET
  • For Silverlight only
  • Better type name resolution, so you can now specify a type by “Namespace.Class, Assembly” without supplying the generic “Version=…” text
  • New InventoryDemo sample project (C# only right now - it is a work in progress)
  • Code snippets for async factory and data access methods

Hopefully this is the final test release of 3.6.2, and I am planning for a final release on March 30 or 31 (before April Fool’s Day :) ). If you are using 3.6.0 or 3.6.1, please download and test this release and let me know if you encounter any issues.