Blogs have no rules?

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09 December 2004

I frequently seem to have non-technical things I’d like to blog about. I even dipped into them a bit by encouraging people to vote in November.

And while it is often said that blogs have no rules, I submit that blogs do have self-imposed rules and/or themes.

My motivation in establishing this blog was to have a forum for editorial comments on technology - .NET, SOA or whatever other technical areas catch my interest. If you are a reader of my blog, I assume you have overlapping interests around technology.

I don’t assume you share all my other interests. And thus I’ve set up a separate personal blog. It is a forum for all my non-professional interests (things like religion, politics, hobbies, etc). This way I can keep posts on this blog entirely focused on technology, and still have a forum for my diverse other interests.

Now back to our regularly scheduled technology discussions…