Architect training in May 2011

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01 April 2011

The Minnesota chapter of IASA is holding an IT architect training event in May. Details:

Course Summary:

Foundation Core Skills - The Key Distinguishing Factor for IT Architects

  • Business Technology Strategy - Identified by Iasa members and global thought leaders as the core value proposition of any architect and the key set of skills in our profession, business technology strategy ensures immediate business value from technology strategy. It ensures that your organization will succeed in converting technology and IT from a liability to an asset.

Foundation Supporting Skills

  • Design- Architects commonly use design skills to create solutions to problems identified in developing technology strategy solutions.
  • Quality Attributes - Quality Attributes represent cross-cutting concerns in technology solutions such as Performance, security, manageability, etc that must be considered across the entire enterprise technology strategy space.
  • IT Environment - Technology strategy must include a general knowledge of the IT space including application development, operations, infrastructure, data/information management, quality assurance, and project management. The IT Environment skills prepare an architect for the IT side of a technology strategists job function.
  • Human Dynamics - Much of an architects daily role is working with other stakeholders to understand and define the technology strategy of the organization. The human dynamics skills represent the means for working with others in the organization including situational awareness, politics, communication and leadership.