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05 August 2006

People often ask me how business is going, or how

Magenic is doing. I answer “good”. But that’s not really true.

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It turns out that it is better than good. I’ve been in consulting, one way or another, for nearly 12 years now and there are a couple times of year when things always slow down: late summer and the end-of-year holidays.   Well this summer, for the first time in my recollection, summer has gotten more busy, not less!   So I’m posting this blog entry in an attempt to address Magenic’s primary issue right now: finding good .NET development resources. Yup, we just can’t find enough people with good .NET experience. This includes regular Web and Windows .NET development, middle-tier work and SQL Server. But it also includes Biztalk Server and SharePoint Server as well. Any peripheral technologies like content management are always welcome too.   I’ve been with Magenic for 6 years as of this month, and I’ve never regretted my choice to work for the company. Greg and Paul (the owners) have steered the company through the dot-com bubble and its subsequent crash with admirable skill. And while no one could say 2002-4 were fun, I can honestly say that I felt more secure at Magenic than my friends at other companies were feeling at the time.   Sure, consulting is consulting. If you want to come work for Magenic you need to realize right up front the realities of being a consultant. But given that, I find it hard to imagine a better consulting company to work for, especially if your focus is around Microsoft and .NET.   One of Magenic’s core tenants is to try and find “cool work”. Obviously that’s not always possible, because each individual defines “cool” differently, and there are business realities around consulting that simply can’t be ignored. But just the fact that this is one of the company’s core tenants says a lot!   So here’s the deal. If you live (or would like to live) in the Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis or San Francisco areas, and if you’ve got .NET skills, and if you want to escape the politics of IT in exchange for the life of a consultant then this is an excellent time to see if Magenic is the right place for you.   If you are interested, just send me an email and I’ll forward it on to one of our recruiters (kind of a fast-track offer :) ). Of you can contact recruiting directly through the

web site.