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Hello, I’m Rocky Lhotka, software architect, open source contributor, author, and speaker.

I am VP of Strategy for Xpirit USA and Chief Software Architect at Marimer LLC.

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Xpirit - a premier provider of cloud-native development, migration, and devops consulting services. We focus on Azure, GitHub, and .NET.

Marimer LLC - where I provide training, mentoring, and related services for those using CSLA .NET.

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I’ve been a creator and contributor in the open source world since the mid-1990’s. Here are some of the projects I’m involved in:

I use the GitHub Sponsors program to enable folks to support my CSLA .NET open source work. Thank you very much to those who sponsor this work, you make a big difference!


I speak at events around the world, including VS Live, Cloud & Containers Live, and many others.

My speaker profile on sessionize includes information about the topics I am focused on at the moment.


I’ve written many books over the years, along with articles, blog posts, and other content.

In recent years I’ve been publishing books and videos in PDF format, and they are available from the CSLA .NET store.

I have a page with many of the book covers from over the years.

I started blogging in Feburary 2004, and switched blog hosts in 2018 or 2019. The 2004-2018 blog posts are in the archive.


I am a member of the Microsoft community:

I am involved in my community: