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Expert C# Business ObjectsExpert VB Business ObjectsCSLA .NET 1.0 is the architecture and framework described in my Expert Visual Basic .NET Business Objects and Expert C# Business Objects books from Apress (

These books discuss my Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture (CSLA) for .NET. This is a distributed object-oriented architecture, meaning that it uses object-oriented design and programming concepts to define a logical n-layer architecture. An application built following this architecture can be easily configured to run in various physical n-tier configurations.

The books also walk through the creation of a framework based on this architecture. This framework is intended to illustrate how you can create a framework that meets your particular needs and also simplifies the development of business applications in a complex distributed environment. It may be useful as-is, or as a basis for creating a framework suited to your particular requirements.

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    TitleDate updated 
    Consolidated download links1/26/2009View
    CSLA .NET 2.0 Release Candidate3/15/2006View
    CSLA .NET 2.0 Public Beta1/30/2006View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.5212/2/2005View
    CSLA .NET VB version 1.51 for VS 2005 RC010/21/2005View
    CSLA .NET C# version 1.51 for VS 2005 RC010/21/2005View
    CSLA .NET VB version 1.5110/4/2005View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.5110/4/2005View
    CSLA .NET VB version 1.5 for .NET 2.0 Beta 24/22/2005View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.5 for .NET 2.0 Beta 24/22/2005View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.53/21/2005View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.5 (beta 2)2/14/2005View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.5 (beta 1)1/5/2005View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.5 (alpha)12/8/2004View
    CSLA .NET version 1.511/24/2004View
    CSLA .NET version 1.5 (Beta 2)9/27/2004View
    CSLA .NET version 1.5 (Beta 1)8/13/2004View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.48/12/2004View
    ProjectTracker VB version 1.28/11/2004View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.4 (Beta 2)7/30/2004View
    CSLA .NET CS version 1.47/19/2004View
    ProjectTracker C# version 1.27/19/2004View
    CSLA .NET version 1.47/19/2004View
    BETA C# CSLA .NET (Mar 31, 2004)3/31/2004View
    BETA C# CSLA .NET (Mar 3, 2004)3/3/2004View
    Cumulative update as of Feb 25, 20042/25/2004View
    BETA CSLA .NET (Jan 31, 2004)1/31/2004View
    BETA CSLA .NET (Dec 7, 2003)12/7/2003View
    Cumulative update as of Nov 1, 200311/1/2003View
    Cumulative update as of Aug 22, 20038/22/2003View
    CSLA .NET sort and find support4/4/2003View
    CSLA .NET update: March 31 20033/31/2003View